Manage IT Services

Manage IT Services

IT Service Management on Digital Background.One of your initial benefits of managed IT services is that it offloads all day-to-day tasks and frees up internal IT resources for strategic endeavors. That helps in aligning your IT with the objectives and goals of your organization. This results in increased profitability.

Another main reason for turning of successful companies to IT managed service providers is the realization of multiple benefits that they can get from a Managed IT service provider.  Basically, managed IT services definition is managing and assuming responsibility for offering a defined set of IT services to its customers.

How Managed IT Service Provider Helps in Improving Business Strategy

Most of the companies devote 80 percent of their Information Technology resources for simply maintaining the status quo, such as provisioning, patching, reacting to issues and troubleshooting. This leaves little time to address new opportunities and devote to strategic activities that could deliver real value to the business.  Here are a few top managed IT services benefits by a service provider for improving strategy for your business.

  • Lower Costs

Due to best practices, use of standards, experience and economies of scale, MSPs can perform functions at a lower cost as compared to most internal IT organizations could.

  • Increased Productivity

Systems are more available and more reliable; hence your employees are more efficient, more productive and generate more profit for your business.

  • Reduced Risks

When you outsource security tasks, this keeps your company ahead of all bad people; eventually gives you Peace of Mind.

  • Reduced Maintenance

It also helps in leveraging standards, since your IT staff can concentrate on your core business and the objectives that you have set.

  • Transform from Cost Center to Profit Center

Managed IT service providers use IT as a competitive advantage and a profit generating asset.

Top Managed IT services benefits

Managed IT Services are perfect for both small and large companies. IT service providers can offer a full-time team of skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals from scratch and even integrate your current team into theirs. They also help in managing your IT operation globally, nationally, locally and regionally.

  • Controlled IT Costs

You get exactly what you need. Not everyone requires a full-time Technical Consultant. When you only require a couple of hours of Information Technology work per week, you can establish a schedule for MITS. However, when you need 6 full time workers, then you can pay a fixed cost for this service also. Your costs are managed and controlled as much as you want it to be exactly.

  • HR for Employees

Your managed IT service provider takes care of the firing or hiring for each employee in your Technology department. In this way, you do not have to worry about the HR behind IT department because they will be interviewed and also strategically selected for you. Moreover, your IT service provider will make sure that each worker has had the proper training and they stay up to date with the certifications.

  • Career Plan for Employees

IT service providers also make sure that their employees are satisfied and that they have a definitive career path. Not only this, but they also conduct goal setting reviews and meetings. Your IT department will be satisfied because they have potential for raises and advancement. You will be satisfied because you do not have to take tension about all of that.

  • Quick implementations

You get access to a team of experts through managed IT services and in this way implementations are completed smoothly and quickly. Your IT service provider has expertise and experience and they know what they have to do.

  • Reduced Risk

An IT service provider also keeps track of potential problems and risk areas in your infrastructure. They will start remediation efficiently and quickly, even before you notice a problem. All IT service providers decrease the risk of downtime with patch management, this helps in keeping your infrastructure continuously up to date.

  • Compliance and Security

Your IT service provider is familiar with the rules and they know what they exactly need to do for maintaining compliance and enhancing security. Protecting your important files and your wireless network is easy for those who specialize in it.

Tenzing Managed IT Services

Tenzing is a top provider of hosting solutions, which is trusted by both Saas (Software as a Service) and e-commerce providers for delivering business-critical applications to their customers.

Tenzing Managed IT services helps in creating a stable and scalable Application Delivery Network that makes sure high availability for its customers’ applications. This company retired its open-source load balancer and also incorporated F5 BIG-IP LTM (Local Traffic Manager) into the hosting infrastructure. With the control and flexibility that is provided by the F5 iRules scripting language, now Tenzing managed IT services are able to customize customer’s deployments for meeting their unique business needs.

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