Hosted Solutions

Hosted Solutions

Akron IT ServicesIn the past your IT department or you might have installed several software applications or programs on your computer. With ‘hosted solutions’ programs such as anti-virus software or Microsoft Office are hosted securely over the Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet by an outsourced team of experts in IT.

If you allow experts to host the different computer applications, that mean less software maintenance, support and operation costs for you.

Both small and medium sized owners of business have similar IT needs to most of the enterprise-level companies, but they don’t always have the same budget. This is the reason why so many Canadian and US business are turning toward hosted solutions – both for the purpose of reducing cost and for better levels of versatility.

Hosted solutions pros and cons:

Changing hardware and software from an in-house product to a leased service has a number of advantages for businesses. With online hosting software, all that one needs to access the software is simply a web browser, an internet connection and  good authentication credentials. This way businesses can pay for the software with time, without having to making a huge investment at one time only. R small business

For smaller businesses who do not have an IT department or huge amounts of capital invested in banks, companies which offer hosted solutions enable reducing direct overhead charges because servers (dedicated physical resources) are not required. Furthermore, as the responsibility of updating and maintaining the software is now in the hands of a third party, there are also less human resource demands. This also results in decrease in the need for support staff; this allow savings in health care, training, salaries and liabilities.

For many companies, the basic software needs in today’s time may not be the similar to the needs of tomorrow. Hosted solutions is quite adapted to this reality and permits companies to enable features and applications on demand so that businesses only have to pay for functionality which is being used in today’s time.

Traditionally, security represented a chief concern for businesses who went for web-hosted solutions or services. However, with the maturity of the cloud computing model, hosted solutions are positioned safely in a number of companies and this concern has now reduced, However, experts are still stuck on the issue as to whether hosted or network-based solutions offer the best security.

Companies which opt for hosting their own software are not able to transfer such finances to a third party. On the other hand other, online hosting solutions deeply depend on information passing through the public internet. Such kind of information is prone to security attacks, so it is essential that businesses who are using hosted solutions should have necessary security safeguards in place.

Present adopters of web-hosted solutions usually maintain a mixed software environment, using network based solutions for some applications and web-hosted solutions for others. All things considered, hosting solutions acquisition will mostly prove to be beneficial for most of the businesses.