About Us

About Us

Smiling office worker gives the ok hand signAt Akron IT Services we firmly believe in our mission of delivering comprehensive and reliable IT services to our customers at affordable costs. Our services are available for individuals and businesses all over NE Ohio and in some specific cases beyond. We take pride in offering such IT support solutions and services that we can guarantee our customers the best technical support anyone can get.

We have the ability to offer all of the different IT services any individual or business could possibly need. Much of the popularity of our company is derived from providing customers with the best and most reliable IT support services to a great variety of clients. We not only service small and medium businesses, but large companies as well. Akron IT Services can provide customers with customized support packages, which will surely suit the needs of your business.

We have a team of experts who are completely dedicated to providing your business the edge it requires for becoming a successful business in the 21stcentury. We can take care of some or all of your IT needs, and give you the confidence and time to concentrate on the more important tasks you have to deal with. We help and assist your business in making wise choices when investing in your technology and support services.

It doesn’t matter to us what size of business you have. We can provide services to the corporate giant or to an upstart company. We will always be able to provide each one of our customer with trustworthy IT coverage that you need to meet your targets.

We all know how important IT infrastructure is to run a successful business. Akron IT Services strongly believes in showing the necessary importance to prime and insightful IT services. It is because of this reason that we try to provide right and quick solutions, so that your business can get back online and back in business as soon as possible.

We have a continuously growing client base with a complete range of IT support services that are not only reliable but authentic as well. You can certainly trust us to provide you the best IT services whenever in need.